17 Day Diet before and afterfruit and vegetables

How Does It Work?

The 17 day diet is essentially low carb and low calorie for everyone regardless of weight loss goals, the diet promotes good health and nutrition for people from all walks of life. The diet is very popular in the US and is gaining notoriety in Europe as a plan that works and keeps the weight off. It was created by San Diego physician Dr. Mike Moreno who heavily promoted the 17 Day Diet on the internet via social networks such as Twitter and by posting before and after results as video clips on YouTube. There is also a book that accompanies the plan guiding dieters through the four different cycles.

The plan lasts 68 days in total which is broken down into 17 day segments; this makes it an interesting weight loss plan where dieters see results quickly. In scientific terms the diet manipulates carbohydrate intake differently during each of the 17 day phases, the intake being very low in some cycles and higher in others. This effect has two benefits, firstly it confuses the body’s metabolism to avoid plataeus and secondly it also provides variety in food and menus as when compared to ‘normal’ diets, this has the effect of keeping the 17 Day Diet interesting and varied for the dieter who is therefore more likely to see the diet through to the end. Those who have followed the plan claim that its very motivational seeing such quick results in the first phase giving the incentive to see the plan through. Dieters commonly lose as much as 10-12 pounds in the first cycle with Dr. Moreno promoting rapid weight loss as more advantageous than steady, slow dieting.

Due to the variety of the plan, this is a diet that easily fits into many different lifestyles and has quickly become a sought after diet plan which can be used whenever you want to rapidly lose excess weight. The diet was originally released as a way to help people burn off fat gained by over-eating during the holidays, but it’s now used regardless of the season. It originally became famous in the states after being shown on The Doctors TV Show. Celebrity backers also include Dr. Phil.

Here’s a promotional video that that features Dr. Moreno discussing the major benefits of the 17 Day Diet.