17 Day Diet before and after

17 Day Diet Results

Lots of diets talk about how much weight you could lose but there’s nothing like hearing it from someone who’s actually done the diet. Here we see Dr Mike chatting to Clint and Kim who are currently 7 days into phase two.

7 Days into the 2nd Phase

They’re both doing well, Clint has lost about 6 pounds in the Activate Phase (2nd phase) on top of the 18 pounds he lost in the first 17 days. So far Kim has dropped 3 pounds in phase 2 on top of the 12 pounds lost during the Accelerate Phase (1st phase). Clint’s huge success (now 24 pounds in 24 days)  is partly down to the exercise he’s been doing since the diet started, he exercises twice a day, one cardio session and one weight training session.

Phase 1 has few carbs, the diet is designed this way to ‘reset’ your digestion system to enable you to lose weight effectively in a short space of time, however this isn’t a yo-yo diet. The four phases ensure the weight you lose is permanently lost. When carbs are reintroduced in the second stage they’re done so is a carefully controlled manner to prevent weight gain. Clint recommends that if you’re used to a daily 30 minute cardio workout during the Accelerate Phase you should consider increasing it to 45 minutes for the second phase to counter the reintroduction of carbs.

See what Clint and Kim have to say in their own words in this video.

Dieting to Lose Weight

Medical professionals, such as Dr. Moreno, have been putting their education to good use in studying how the human body behaves and how best it can be manipulated into weight loss. These studies have taken years to produce meaningful results, many different versions of a diet have been tested and the results compared to see which offers the most success.

Dieting is a short term action to lose weight, it’s very important to see the diet through to the end in order to receive the maximum benefit. Emotionally and psychologically it can take a lot out of us if we’re not sufficiently prepared and determined to complete the full program, and when we don’t complete the full program the chance of the weight lost being regained is increased several times over.

Often the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful diet is in the dieters head. Having a clear goal set is important, then sheer determination, not hoping but actually knowing that you’ll be successful, will get you to your goal.

Decide how much weight you’re actually going to lose, as opposed to just hoping, then don’t stop until you get there.