17 Day Diet before and after

17 Day Diet Sample Meals Video

Here's a great short video from Dr. Phil's 'The Holiday 12' episode where a guy's typical breakfast, lunch and dinner are compared with a sample 17 Day Diet breakfast, lunch and dinner on. Dr Mike Moreno introduces the diet to a couple seeking to lose weight emphasizing that the feedback about the diet says that sticking to the it is so much easier than expected and additionally they will not get hungry at all. Starting with a breakfast diet dish of two eggs, an orange and a cup of green tea, Mike explains that the dishes he presents are just a few of the wide range of food and menu items on offer.

A variety of meals are presented including a very generously portioned colorful salad of broccoli, red peppers, cucumbers, red onions and hard boiled eggs for lunch, which Dr. Phil points out is sure to leave you feeling healthy and energized. The dinner option is turkey with a combination of vegetables such as carrots and asparagus and there is also a snack of berries and yoghurt on offer. The show highlights how you can lose 10 to 12 pounds in weight in only 17 days with minimal effort and a lot of food choices so you won't get bored.