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17 Minute Workout

The 17 Minute Workout is a very enjoyable workout you can do at home, or anywhere, little space is required. You set the pace and intensity yourself to whatever is confortable for you however unfit or overweight you are. At first people may find it a little difficult to follow (no different from any exercise video right?) but after a few days the moves become more fluid as they sink into your memory and your muscles adjust to become accustomed to them. The workout is a key part of the 17 Day Diet and should be done 6 days a week whilst on the diet.

There are 3 different 17 Minute Workouts which focus on the body’s core muscles (all those in the lower torso to hips area, including lower back) specifically working the abs and obliques, the muscles in your butt and finally improving total body conditioning. The only equipment you’ll need are 2 small dumbells, as you lose weight and improve your fitness you put more into the workouts by say lifting your knees higher or stretching further or twisting with every repition of an exercise, it’s up to you do what you find comfortable.

You can find the DVD here to buy. Here’s a short clip from The Doctors where they discuss the 17 Minute Workout.


And here’s the intro from the DVD to give you a quick preview.